PIE Night

Parent Information and Enrichment NIGHT!

We ask that at least one parent from every TCA family attend.  This is a wonderful opportunity to build community and learn about topics which the staff of TCA are passionate about.

Parents have the opportunity to attend TWO talks. Below is the date of our next PIE Night and a list of our speakers and topics:

PIE Night: May 3rd, 2022 

4:30 – Food Trucks Available On Site
5:30 –
6:15 – First Session of PIE Night – Adams and Jefferson Buildings
7:15 – Second Session of PIE Night – Adams and Jefferson Buildings


*Childcare will be provided for 5th grade and under
*Students in 6th grade and above can choose 2 lectures to sit in on.

*All ages under Kindergarten will be checked in back in the pre-school pre-k hallway with the respective teachers. There will be a sign-in card and name tag. You will fill out and hold onto the card, and then turn it in at the end of the night to “check out” your child. The sign-in card will match their name tags.

  • They will have stations, a movie, water, etc.

*All ages Kindergarten through 4th/5th will be checked in at the gym with the respective teachers. There will be a sign-in card and name tag. You will fill out and hold onto the card, and then turn it in at the end of the night to “check out” your child. The sign-in card will match their name tags.

  • They will have rooms with LEGOS, drawing/coloring, a movie, water, etc.

*Please consider donating to the teachers and staff that have volunteered their time for the night. We will have a donation              jar at each check-in station.

*MAKE SURE that your child eats BEFORE they are checked in! We will ask that you keep them outside and finish eating              before they can enter childcare.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding. With the growth we have to take extra precautions and measure to adequately accommodate with excellence! 🙂 SEE YOU TOMORROW!


  • Pig on the Road BBQ
  • North River Pizza
  • Carousel Icery

Food Trucks will be available at 4:30 PM – In the round-about in front of TCA
* Please bring cash/card for these vendors.


Speaker: Mr. Eppel (Upper School Professor)

Title: The Russo-Ukranian War

Location: Jefferson Building

In America’s 200 year history there have always been ships of war protecting the nation both at home and abroad. However, in the Navy’s long and vaunted history there is one ship that stands out as America’s most famous vessel and held the line against overwhelming odds. This presentation will cover the journey of this ship and her crew as they fight across the Pacific.

Speaker: Miss Harmony (Kindergarten Teacher)

Title: Reading & The Importance of Great Literature

Location: Jefferson Building

In a screen saturated world, how do we develop a love of reading and life long passion for great books?

Speaker: Ms. Charlene Tillman (Music)

Title: Why Music?

Location: Adams Building

Music is much more than a favorite song heard on the radio, a background “noise” while shopping or dining, or something used for a special occasion. Music is emotional. Music is memorable. Music is healing. Imagine a world where music is obsolete because of human neglect. A discussion on why music is important and why every parent should encourage it in their child.

Speaker: Mr. Nathan Loomis (Upper School Professor)

Title: A Brief History of Martial Arts (With Live Demo)

Location: Adams Building

Every society in human history has practiced some form of systematic fighting. A brief overview of some of the prominent styles will be presented, with a live demo of some self defense techniques we teach our Upper School students.

Speaker: Dr. Brian Janeway (Archeologist)

Title: How I Became a Real Life Indiana Jones

Location: Adams Building

My long journey to become a biblical archaeologist did not happen by
chance nor by my own powers. Doors were opened and amazing discoveries were revealed that have blessed a lifelong passion and ministry. Join me for
the adventure!

Speaker: Drew Sarchet – (Spanish)

Title: Philosophy: What’s the use?

Location: Jefferson Building

A brief discussion of what philosophy is and why it is important. Though often
seen as an impractical discipline, the questions which philosophy examines are foundational to human flourishing. The pursuit of philosophy adds meaning and value to the human experience.

Speaker: Mr. Dave Kennon (Kennon Financial)

Title: Investing Early

Location: Adams Building

Join Dave has he speaks on the importance of investing early and the power of compounding interest. Dave will show you simple steps that will help you understand long-term investing and the incredible power of stocks and bonds.