School Profile

The Classical Academy of Sarasota

The Classical Academy (TCA) is a PreK-12 independent school located in Sarasota, Florida. TCA was founded in 2014 by Mr. Josh and Mrs. Harmony Longenecker and is based on the classical philosophy of education and modeled on Hillsdale College’s Classical Education pedagogy.  TCA offers its students the opportunity to study and learn following a classical, time-honored approach, an education steeped in the best of Western Canon. We are a classical liberal arts school and often use primary texts and sources from the great thinkers (Homer, Plato, Virgil, Socrates, Descartes, theologians, philosophers, and political thought leaders). TCA is a school immersed in virtue, training students in the habits that will build their character.


The Mission of The Classical Academy of Sarasota is to develop the academic potential of each student through a rigorous, content-rich, classical liberal arts education while building in them a virtuous character. Thus, the following character traits are taught and embedded throughout a student’s TCA tenure: Prudence, Temperance, Justice, and Fortitude. Our purpose is to develop graduates who are logical thinkers, coherent writers, eloquent speakers, thought leaders, and responsible virtuous citizens.

Delivery of Content

Classical education rests on the concept of the Trivium, Latin for “the three ways” of learning. The Trivium comprises three stages:

Stage 1: Grammar (Knowledge- Grades K-4): This stage lays the foundation for all future areas of study. During this phase, students are trained to absorb large amounts of material, whether math facts, rules of phonics, events and dates in history, facts in science, or declensions in Latin.

Stage 2: Logic (Analysis- Grades 5-8): With a firm foundation of knowledge, students at this stage organically begin asking questions. They are ready to begin logically reasoning and analyzing information. Students are challenged to look at cause and effect, make logical connections, and question, examine, and organize the facts they have learned.

Stage 3: Rhetoric (Expression- Grades 9-12): Students are ready to form conclusions and express themselves with eloquence and confidence. Students are taught to communicate their judgment based on facts, research, and the connections made earlier. They can articulate their arguments in writing and public speaking, enabling them to take their place as scholars and citizens.

Leadership/ College Counseling

Mr. Josh Longenecker/ Founder and Head of School

[email protected]

Mrs. Harmony Longenecker/ Founder and Director of Advancement

[email protected]

Mr. Rick Soucie/ Upper School Dean

[email protected]

Mrs. Jen Loomis / Director of College Counseling

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TCA Office of Admission


The College Counseling Program

We sense that families desire college counseling and college admissions information earlier so they can make a more informed decision. We discuss college counseling-related content in grades 9-10 (curriculum, course sequencing, degree of rigor, grade stratification, testing, interest inventory, extracurricular involvements, leadership development, and family financial status). We then move to college admissions-related content in grades 11-12 (identifying appropriate colleges, completing applications, creating a college resume, essay development, gap year options, Bright Futures application, merit scholarship identification, completing all financial aid forms, interview process, college visit protocol, teacher recommendation requests, and outcomes). It is paramount to educate and empower all TCA families to be informed as they navigate these important decisions.

Enrollment/Faculty Data (2023-24)

Total: PreK-12               925

Class of 2024:               17

Class of 2025:               24

Class of 2026:               45

Class of 2027:               56

Total Upper School Enrollment: 98

Upper School Student-Faculty Ratio: 6:1

Percent of Upper School Faculty with Advanced Degrees: 60%

Class Ranking, Grade Scale, Graduation Requirements, Curriculum, and Class of 2023 GPA Distribution Information

Class Rank

Due to the competitive nature and the high number of minimum course requirements to graduate, The Classical Academy currently does not rank students numerically.

TCA Grading Scale

Letter   Percent            Grade Point Value (unweighted/ weighted)

A+        97-100              4.00/ 4.50

A          93-96               4.00/ 4.50

A-         90-92               3.67/ 4.17

B+        87-89               3.33/ 3.83

B          83-86               3.00/ 3.50

B-         80-82               2.67/ 3.17

C+        77-79               2.33/ 2.83

C          73-76               2.00/ 2.50

C-         70-72               1.67/ 2.17

D+        67-69               1.33/ 1.83

D          63-66               1.00/ 1.50

D-         60-62               0.67/ 1.17

F          < 60                  0.00/ 0.00

Graduation Requirements

History                         5.0 credits (including Constitution and Economics: 0.5 credit each)

English                         4.0 credits

Math                            4.0 credits

Science                         3.0 credits

Foreign Language          3.0 credits (including one year of Latin)

Rhetoric                       1.0 credits

Moral Philosophy          0.5 credits

Constitution                  0.5 credits

Economics                    0.5 credits

Survival                        0.5 credits

Electives                       4.0 credits

Total Credits                 26 credits

Community Service       100 hours

2023-24 Curriculum (9-12)

Math: Algebra 1, Geometry, H Geometry, Algebra II, H Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, H Calculus, Math for College Readiness

Science: Biology, H Biology, Chemistry, H Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, H Anatomy and Physiology, H Marine Science

English Language: Literature 9, H Literature 9, Literature 10, H Literature 10, Literature 11, H Literature 11, Literature 12, H Literature 12

History: History 9, H History 9, History 10, H History 10, History 11, H History 11, History 12, H History 12, Economics, H Economics, Constitution, H Constitution

Foreign Language: Spanish I, Spanish II, H Spanish III, H Spanish IV, Latin I, Latin II, H Latin III, H Latin IV

Electives: Rhetoric, H Moral Philosophy, Executive Internship (11-12), Mock Trial I/II, Military Studies, Introduction to Constitutional Law, Advanced Art, Photography, Introduction to Graphic Design, Music (Choir I, Men’s Choir, Drumline), Theater, Set Design, Physical Education, Nutrition, Wilderness and Survival, Jiu-Jitsu, Culinary Arts, HOPE, Archery

Athletic Program

The Classical Academy competes in the FHSAA (Florida High School Athletic Association) and is classified in Division 2A (District 11). TCA competes in the SSAC (Sunshine State Athletic Conference) for varsity football only.


  • Varsity Football (8-man)*
  • Varsity Cross-Country
  • Varsity Basketball
  • Varsity Volleyball
  • Varsity Track and Field

* 2022 will be the first year for Varsity Football.


  • Varsity Cross-Country
  • Varsity Volleyball
  • Varsity Beach Volleyball
  • Varsity Track and Field

Co-Ed Athletic Programs:

  • Varsity Soccer
  • Varsity Golf

Honor Societies/Club/s Activities: National Honor Society, Academic Decathlon Team, Student Council/Government, Mock Trial, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Theater, Latin Forum, Theater/Drama

College Admission
Note: TCA’s enrollment has organically expanded from a significant K-8 population to an emerging upper school presence (see Enrollment Data). However, there have only been 42 upper school graduates since the 2014 school year, thus college acceptance and standardized testing averages are developing as the upper school population increases.

The Classical Academy holds membership in the following professional organizations:

  • SACAC (Southern Association for College Admission Counseling)
  • College Board
  • ACT
  • Society for Classical Learning

Students from The Classical Academy have been admitted to the following colleges and universities (2004-2024)

Belmont University
Catholic University of America
Charleston Southern University of Dallas
Colorado Christian University
Duquesne University
Flagler College
Florida Atlantic University
Florida Gulf Coast University
Florida Institute of Technology
Florida PolyTechnic University
Florida Southern College
Florida State University
Furman University
Galen College of Nursing
Gannon University
Georgia Southern University
Grove City College
Hillsdale College
Liberty University
Lynn University
Palm Beach Atlantic University
Quinnipiac University
Radford University
Rollins College
Samford University
Southeastern University
St. Johns College
Stetson University
Suncoast Technical College
University of Alabama
University of Central Florida
University of Columbia
University of Florida
University of Hawaii
University of Jacksonville
University of Miami
University of North Florida
University of Pittsburgh
University of South Florida
University of Tampa