Uniforms & Policies

TCA Uniforms

Where to Buy
4525 Bee Ridge Rd, Sarasota
School Code  900162314
Authorized to add TCA Logo to clothing items:
1205 S Beneva Rd, Sarasota
14455 FL-70 E, Lakewood Ranch

TCA Uniform Policy

Basic Standard of Appearance – Guidelines for All Students
  • School uniform must be worn at all times
  • Shirts may be ordered from Children’s World (on Bee Ridge) or from Land’s End. Shirts can be ordered from Land’sEnd through the following link: Landsend.com
  • Shirts must be navy, light blue or white in color and have the TCA logo on the left side
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times
  • A belt must be worn at all times – belt must be one solid color (black, brown, or navy)
  • Shorts must be khaki (tan) or navy in color and be at the knee
  • Pants must be khaki (tan) or navy in color
  • Socks must be white, black or navy
  • Oxfords (of school colors) with ties may be worn by the boys
  • Sweaters (of school colors) may be worn

Required Dress Uniform (Grades Kindergarten through 12th)

The dress uniform is for the many occasions throughout the year where a more formal or professional uniform would be appropriate.  Some of the dates when students will be asked to wear their dress uniform include: the first day of school, Grandparents Day, Patriot’s Day (9/11), Veteran’s Day, semester celebrations, certain fieldtrips, student presentations, and performances throughout the year.

  • Gentleman: Khaki uniform pants, white button down oxford (long or short sleeve) with logo, TCA plaid tie or bowtie, black socks, black dress shoes and black belt
  • Ladies: TCA plaid skirt (at the knees), white button down blouse (long or short sleeve) with TCA logo, TCA plaid cross tie, black dress shoes


  • No denim
  • No cargo pants
  • No holes or tears
  • Pants must fit the waistline and not sag in the crotch
  • Pants may not be excessively tight nor show any descriptive lines of the body.
  • Pants must be khaki (tan) or navy in color
  • They can be ordered from Children’s World, Land’s End, or a similar style purchased at a local retailer

Shorts, Skorts, Skirts and Jumpers

  • No denim
  • No cargo shorts
  • No holes or tears
  • Must fit the waistline and not sag in the crotch
  • Color must be khaki (tan) or navy
  • They must be knee length
  • They can be ordered from Children’s World, Land’s End, or a similar style purchased at a local retailer
  • Jumpers may also be plaid (see Land’s End website)


  • Can be purchased at Land’s End or Children’s World

Sweatshirts and Jackets

  • All sweatshirts and jackets must have the TCA logo or be ordered from Land’s End
  • Uniform shirts must be worn under all outerwear


  • Hair must be clean, neat, and styled traditionally
  • Boys’ hair must be kept above the collar and out of the eyes
  • Only natural colors are allowed
  • No unusual or radical hairstyles
  • No facial hair
  • Ribbons and bows may be worn but must be TCA colors.  They must also be small and not distracting.


  • Modest jewelry is allowed
  • No more than one necklace or bracelet may be worn at one time
  • Earrings will be limited to two per ear and must not be larger than a quarter. No stretched piercings (gauge) or holes may be visible.
  • No facial or body piercings allowed

Makeup and Nail Polish

  • Makeup must look natural. Black nail polish and lipstick are not acceptable.

Hats and Sunglasses

  • May only be worn or seen before or after school hours
  • No hats or sunglasses in class
  • Hats include visors and bandannas


  • Closed toed shoes are required at all times
  • Tennis shoes are great, please no outrageous colors
  • No boots. No slippers. No beach shoes. No high heels. No Crocs.

Physical Education

  • Whatever shoes are worn, a student must participate in PE. A student may bring tennis shoes for PE, if they wear a different pair of shoes during the day.

Students not adhering to dress code will not be allowed to attend class. The student will remain in the office until a parent brings the student the appropriate uniform.

The uniforms at Land’s End can be accessed through the following link: Landsend.com