Tuition & Fees

GradeEnrollment Fee*2020-21 Tuition*
Preschool (3-4, 4-5) – Part time/Full time$300$4,600/$5,800
Grades K – 6$300$6,175
Grades 7 – 8$300$6,975
Grades 9 – 12$300$7,875

*Tuition and fee for each subsequent year will be determined by the Governing Board by February.

It is the heart of the TCA Governing Board to keep tuition and fees as affordable as possible while still maintaining financial responsibility.  Our hope is that no family will avoid enrollment due to our tuition and related costs. TCA founders are working tirelessly to find financial assistance and scholarships for families who desire a classical education and have a true financial need.  Please see tuition assistance below.

Tuition Policy for TCA 2020-2021

Application and Re-enrollment for Returning Families:

  • Re-enrollment opens in February.
  • $300 per student with a $500 cap per family
  • Returning families must re-enroll by February 21, 2020, or be moved to the wait list
  • Enrollment fee due at the time of re-enrollment and is non-refundable

Application and Enrollment for New Families:

  • Enrollment opens March 1, 2020
  • Applications will be reviewed in the order received
  • $300 per student with a $500 cap per family
  • Administration will review each application upon submittal
  • The enrollment fee is due at the time of acceptance and is non-refundable

Curriculum Fee for Students

(used to buy textbooks, class resources, and literature books for students)

  • $50 Curriculum fee per student – Preschool – Grade 1
  • $125 Curriculum fee per student – Grades 2 – 6
  • $195 Curriculum fee per student – Grades 7 – 8
  • $250 Curriculum fee per student – Grades 9 – 12

Annual Security Fee

(used to help cover the cost of on campus security)

  • $150 per family

Optional Fees

  • $250 Optional Uniform Fee – Uniforms selected and picked up at the front office
  • The following optional FIELD TRIP fees allow parents to spread out payments for larger trips
    • $125 Optional Field Trip Fee to grades Kindergarten through 12th grade
    • $600 Optional Marine Lab Field Trip Fee for 5th, 9th, and 10th grade
    • $2000 Optional Washington DC Field Trip Fee for 7th through 9th grade
    • $3000 Optional European Field Trip Fee for 11th and 12th grade

Waiting List:

  • Applications will be accepted without application fee due until a spot becomes available
  • Once a spot is available, TCA will call families in the order applications were received
  • Families who do not submit the application fee within 48 hours of an opening will forfeit their place on the waiting list, and the next family on the wait list will be contacted

Tuition Payments:

  • Enrollment/Re-enrollment for FACTS opens March 1, 2020 and must be completed by May 31, 2020 to maintain the student’s spot.
  • Tuition payments for the school year begin June 1 with the last payment in May 1.
  • Enrollment will be forfeited without enrollment in FACTS or full prepayment
  • TCA offers several options regarding payment of tuition:
    • 11-month payment plan (must be set up through FACTS)
    • Bimonthly and quarterly payment plans available through FACTS
    • Full year tuition may be paid through FACTS or with a check at the front office
    • Direct Link to TCA’s FACTS management 

Discounts will be offered as outlined below:

  • 5% discount on tuition for second child enrolled
  • 10% discount on tuition for third child enrolled
  • 15% discount on tuition for fourth and subsequent children enrolled

Payment Requirements:

  • Once a child is enrolled at The Classical Academy of Sarasota and the academic year has begun, tuition must be paid for the entire year in which the student is in attendance, even if the student is un-enrolled for any reason.  See Enrollment Agreement.

Step-up/AAA Applicants:

  • Enrollment fee due at time student is enrolled
  • If paid by Step up, the Enrollment fee will be credited to the family’s account when the first Step-up
    payment has been received (first payment typically in September)
  • Additional tuition amount not covered by Step-up will be made in monthly payments through FACTS

McKay Scholarships:

  • TCA will be able to accept students who receive McKay Scholarships
  • TCA will only accept students whose educational needs can be met by the school
  • Students and parents who are eligible to receive the McKay Scholarship will be required to meet with the Principal to determine acceptance

Tuition Assistance

It is recommended that families with financial need apply for the Step-Up for Students scholarship or AAA scholarship

Step-Up for Students/AAA Scholarship Fund

Step up for Students and the AAA Scholarship Fund are school choice organizations awarding private school
scholarships to qualifying households in the state of Florida. Families and students must qualify for the
scholarship and apply directly to either organization. Scholarship guidelines and qualifications can be found at
the following websites:

  • Step Up for Students: www.stepupforstudents.org
  • AAA Scholarship Fund: https://www.aaascholarships.org/