Musical Arts

Kindergarten – 5th Grade

The performing arts curriculum for grades K-5 lead the learner through music as it relates to history, geography and technological developments from early music into the modern period. Students learn foundational music theory applying it to movement, rhythmic interpretation, instrumental playing, and singing. Students learn basics of singing on Solfege syllables which is then applied to songs of one or two parts. Students learn about the great composers and how to effectively listen to a piece of music with emphasis on musical period and related styles.

6th – 8th Grade

Students who choose instrumental music electives have the opportunity to explore wind and/or string ensembles. The understanding of instrumental music and ensemble playing is emphasized through methods book training, music theory, and listening exercises. Music theory is incorporated daily through playing and weekly theory lessons for further understanding.


Musical Arts Elective

Musical Arts, Dr. Glen Olsen (available 9th – 12th Grade)

This course is open to any upper-school student. It covers how we hear music; how music affects our lives; important elements of music like rhythm, pitch, and harmony; different musical genres; singing and your voice; various instruments; music composition; and the history and culture of music over the years, as well as how music interacts with other art forms like poetry, dance and film.