Lincoln Men

Lincoln Men is our annual men’s retreat where the Men of TCA can gather and sharpen their minds and hearts while learning what it means to be Lincoln Men. The retreat was a HUGE success and we look forward to continuing this life-giving tradition.

What this world desperately needs are men, real men.

The kind of men who hold strong in the face of great opposition.
 The kind of men who love deeply with great loyalty and conviction.
 The kind of men who constantly place the needs of others above their own.
 The kind of men who work with all their hearts at every task before them. In short, the world needs more men like Lincoln.

We are calling the men of TCA to join us as we deepen our understanding of what it means to be Lincoln Men.

We will Train as Warriors, Work with Weapons, and Enjoy the Wilderness as Lincoln Men.

Join us. You don’t want to miss this.

Check our TCA Calendar to see when the next Lincoln Men event is coming up!