✂️ TCA Sewing Club – Hand Sewing (1st-12th)

September 7, 2017 @ 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm America/New York Timezone
TCA Sewing Club
8751 Fruitville Rd
Sarasota, FL 34240
Krista Kauffman

Welcome to TCA Sewing Club! We are happy to offer this year two types of sewing clubs. Thursdays from 3:30-4:30.

  1. Hand Sewing– The first will be a hand sewing class, great for beginners and anyone who just loves to hand sew. This one will be for grades 1-12. Children will be introduced to the simplicities of sewing with a thread and needle. Most of the fabric to be used will be felt. This is a great material to be used for many projects and is very forgiving and easier to fix with mistakes.
  1. Sewing Machine Class – The second class is for grades 4-12. This is a sewing machine class and will be offered as the next step to hand sewing. Children will be introduced to sewing with a machine through multiple projects and levels of difficulty. They will also do at least one hand sewn project in the beginning. They will also work on projects longer than that of the hand sewing.

I have planned multiple projects throughout the year for both classes. These can change at any time depending on the amount of time with play practices and other sports events.

Please sign up your child for either class or both if you would like. The cost for each month of classes (on average 2 per month, sometimes less) is $25. This includes all supplies for each project. Please provide your & your child’s name, phone number and email address. Upon signing up you give permission for photographs of your child(ren) to be taken and posted for school purposes along with our Facebook page TCA Sewing Club (please go and like our page to see photos and information of what we are doing!).

Payments are due at the first class of the month. You do not have to attend all the classes, I would however like it if you can please let me know prior to the next month if you are planning to attend. This helps me to have enough supplies on hand for all the children.

If anyone has a sewing machine they have and would like to bring to work with that would be great. If you don’t have one but know of one that we can use for the year please also let me know.

Hand Sewing Schedule 

Projects                                           Meeting Dates

  1. Emoji Stuffed pillows                                Sept 7th & 21st
  2. Simple Trick or Treat Bags                         Oct 5th & 26th
  3. Give Thanks Banner                                   Nov 9th & 30th
  4. Christmas Ornaments                                  Dec 14th
  5. Simple Cross Stitch                                     Jan 11th & 25th
  6. Hanging Hearts                        Feb 8th & 22nd
  7. Book Marks                          Mar 8th & 22nd
  8. Peep Pillows                       April 12th & 26th
  9. Felt Owl Masks                         Pending on time

Sewing Machine Schedule-  We will work on projects and see how they run, being that some of these are bigger projects they tend to take a little longer. We may decide to stay a little longer too, so instead of 4:30 it might be 4:45 or 5. We can work this out once we start. Please let me know your thoughts.

 Projects                              Meeting Dates

  1. Hearts on a String                                     Sept 14th & 26th
  2. Pillows                                                      Oct 19th
  3. Pillow Case                                               Nov 2nd & 16th
  4. blanket                                                       Dec 7th
  5. Totes                                                          Jan 18th
  6. Pillow Case Dress                                      Feb 1st & 15th
  7. Aprons                                                         Mar 1st & 15th
  8. zipper Case Pencil Bag                               April 2nd & 19th
  9. Stuffed Animal                                           May 3rd

I need a response from each person please by the 31st of August so that I may prepare prior to our class. I look forward to seeing you all again!

You may contact me anytime with further questions about the clubs or to sign up.