Virtual TCA FAQ’s

What to Know

1. Do I need any special resources?

No, you do not need any special resources.  TCA teachers will provide you with all the information you need to complete the lessons and work.  If you would like to do additional research and go deeper or further beyond what was sent, you are welcome to do so.

2. Do I need to print, scan, or make copies?

No, work that is sent out can be copied on blank paper or completed online.  Students will need their journals (which will be picked up Wednesday, 3/25) and they will need blank paper.  Lined paper would be best but if you have blank paper that will also work.  Completed work can be scanned or you can also take a picture and upload it or send it in.

3. Should I create a schedule?

YES!!!  This will be an extremely important part of making sure the next 3 weeks are successful.  A sample schedule is attached below.  Use this as a guide but you need to create a schedule that works best for your family during this time.  The most important thing is that you create a schedule and then stick to it!

4. Do I need a special device to complete the school work?

No, school work can be completed on a laptop, phone, or tablet.  Completed work can then be scanned in and uploaded or you can also take a picture with your phone and upload the picture.  We are working to keep this easy.

5. Will my children be learning new concepts?

You will not be required to “teach” new concepts.  Any new material will be presented by the teacher.  New information will be broken into small chunks and a majority of the material will be review.

6. Will my teachers be available for teaching via phone/Zoom/Facetime etc. to teach these concepts if I am not prepared to teach them?

Teachers will be available from 9 AM to 2 PM Monday through Friday to answer questions.  They will work to answer questions as quickly as possible.

7. What websites/apps are needed during this time?
* In grades K through 3rd, teachers will be in contact with you if they will be using any platforms for learning.

* In grades 4th through 12th, teachers will be using Edmodo to load assignments, notes, quizzes, and tests. Note: If you’re having trouble with Edmodo, please try opening it in the Chrome web browser.

* Teachers may also be using Zoom to video conference or YouTube to upload videos of lectures.

8. How often will we see our teachers (videos/lessons)?

Teachers will be sending out video lessons 2 times per week on average.

9. When can we expect communication from our teachers?

Teachers will be emailing regularly and are available Monday through Friday to answer questions.

10. Can we do carline pick-up for supplies so that we can avoid exposure?

Picking up materials will be no different than going to the grocery store.  Doors will be open and materials will be laid out on desks.  Teachers will not be on campus.  Admin and Officer Blake will be here to direct parents and answer any questions you may have.  Your children’s materials will be available for pick up on Wednesday, between 8 AM and 4 PM.

11. Do I need to set up a temporary classroom at home?

No, you don’t have to recreate school in your house or have the perfect classroom experience for your children to be successful. The kitchen table/counter, any desk at home, under a tree, in their bed are all great places to read, write and give your children the opportunity to learn.

12. How do I balance helping my children at many different ages? Do you have any suggestions especially if you have babies/toddlers at home and trying to manage the older children?

The best way to manage kids at various levels is to set up a routine and then stick to it.  Use nap time for your babies/toddlers to get the bulk of your homeschool done.  Set up your older kids first with their work and let them work independently.  Then work with your younger kids.  Sit down together as a family and set up ground rules and expectations.  Expect your kids to behave like they are “at school” during your school hours.

13. Are we going to continue this through the end of year?

We are planning to return on April 16th.  This is the date set by the state and until that changes we are going to operate like we will be back together then.

14. How often can we expect to receive updates from TCA?

You will be hearing from teachers on a regular basis and from TCA two to three times a week.