Capital Campaign

It’s Time To Get Into The Arena

The Future of The Classical Academy of Sarasota

When Harmony and I started The Classical Academy of Sarasota, our heart was to provide an excellent education for our children and a small group of families we hoped would join us. What began as a small private school of 187 students quickly grew into 720 in our eighth year, and we currently have a wait list at every grade level of over 200 students. The message is clear- families in Sarasota and the surrounding areas want a classical education for their children; they have seen the fruits of our labor and want the same for their own.

With families eager to enroll their children, we have reached capacity and are unable to accept more students. Faith Baptist has been a great home for our school, but we’ve outgrown our campus. It’s time to build! Harmony and I never believed we could do this alone and we have been fortunate to have had hundreds of people support us along the way.

Today is no different, only the need is greater. For this reason, we embark on our capital campaign, The Capital Campaign for The Classical Academy of Sarasota, that will fund the new home of our Preschool through 12th grade private school. Our investment needs of $20 million within the next year to secure the future of TCA is critical. We need you to partner with us to support our overall investment of $35 million to attain this bright future for our students.

Our Founding Fathers had a vision for a nation they knew would outlast them. They looked beyond their present day and momentary circumstances and instead made a choice to sacrifice for their posterity. The choices and sacrifices they made worked toward their vision of leaving a legacy for generations yet to come. The laws they enacted and the investments they made were not for their present struggle.

They knew that they were a part of something larger, something which would transcend them. We invite you to leave a legacy that goes beyond our students of today and into the leaders we will educate for tomorrow. Join us in building our forever home, so together we can provide a classical education to this generation and many more to come.

Josh & Harmony Longenecker

Headmaster & Founder

The Classical Academy of Sarasota