The College Resume

The opportunity to extrapolate a student’s “outside the classroom” portfolio of achievement is a paramount objective and necessary variable for the college application and evaluative process. The resume (or Brag Sheet) is a unique opportunity to articulate in detail the involvement of said student’s leadership, contributions to school, community investment, internship, volunteer work, work for pay, athletics, music/artist mastery, or any other ancillary contribution to that which makes an individual well rounded and whole.

The construct of a college resume varies from a traditional “work” resume and as such, is unique and outlined below.

Colleges are most interested in a detailed written expression of one’s activities inside or outside the school or general community. They are invested in four variables:

  1. The name of the organization/activity
  2. Hours per week/ weeks per year
  3. Leadership accomplishments
  4. A detailed articulation of YOUR involvement and definition of the activity in which you are involved.

I will afford three examples below, though not limited to these necessary activities:


-Varsity Basketball (The Classical Academy)

-20 hours per week/ 14 weeks per year

-Captain (11-12), MVP (12)

-The Classical Academy varsity basketball team/member. Participated in summer practices and AAU tournaments to increase skill level and mastery. TCA won the Florida State District Championship (2021)

Community Service

-Mote Marine Laboratory (Sarasota, FL)

-5 hours per week/ 15 weeks per year

– Volunteer as a research associate and tour guide member

– Mote Marine Laboratory is a Sarasota, FL marine biology research center and museum. I assisted faculty with basic data evaluation and toured visitors and special guests.

Work Experience

-Joe Pape’s Pizzeria (Sarasota, FL)

-10 hours per week/ 12 weeks per year (summer)

-My position as a server provided me with customer service skills, time management, and front/back house experience.


** One can create any category, not just the ones above, which are just brief examples for one’s understanding. Past resume examples and templates are available. Just ask your college advisor.